Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Long Tooth Pack

The son in Herveaux & Son Surveys. Packmaster of the Long Tooth Pack. Married to , brother to  & uncle to .

Wolf working for . Father to .Fishing, working & my daughter is my life. Fucking crazy about . Member of the Long Tooth Pack 
werewolf..mating with  , Lil'Sister to  , New to the Long Tooth Pack

Accident Prone Electrician working for Herveaux & Son Surveys. Member of the Long Tooth Pack of Shreveport. I like Country Music, Cold Beer, & Boobs

Werewolf and bitchy bartender at Hair Of the Dog. I may look sweet, but don't be mistaken. Hardened by a love gone wrong. Longtooth pack member

Bouncer - Bartender - Conspiracy Theorist. Has my ear to the ground. Lives on the fringes of the Longtooth Pack. Werewolf

Werewolf; former dancer. Born in NOLA, just moved to Bon Temps. Waitress at Hair of the Dog, dance instructor. 's woman.

A full-blooded werewolf.  is my woman.

33; pure werewolf. Foreman at a roofing and siding company. Quite literally, a horndog. Kind of whipped by .

Mute thanks to daddy. Long Tooth Pack faithful.  an I are thick as thieves ..

Down home country boy. 's step-brother. DJ @ a local radio station. Runs with the Longtooth Pack
One of a prestigious line of werewolves, recently moved to Shreveport to join the growing Longtooth pack.

Plumber by trade workin for Herveaux & Son Surveys, Motorcycle Enthusiast by choice, Amateur Chef by luck of the draw, all within the Long Tooth Pack

Single mother of two. Wedding and Event planner at a country club. Werewolf, recently of the Longtooth Pack

Werewolf returnin' back home after bein' gone for too long

Operates a supernatural matchmaking service to pay the bills. Bounces between careers. Soft hearted werewolf. Longtooth Pack. 

Full blooded were, born and raised down in the South. I'm not your average hick so don't be surprised, darlin'. Also havin' a baby with.

Co-Owner of Hair of the Dog with . Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks? Longtooth Pack Elder. 's grandaddy.

Co-Owner of Hair of The Dog, Were.. Father to  . Prick, Long Tooth Pack Elder.


I'm 's fast talkin, beer drinkin, cigarette smokin, foul mouthed, tan legged Georgia Dream. I'm the -SouthernBelle. 

Wolf, chef, Mama to , ex to and wife to . Member of the Longtooth Pack 

Cop, suspended on suspicion of tampering with an investigation on behalf of a packmember. Husband to . Werewolf.  

Been there, done that.. got the t-shirt.. Bartender @ HoTd .. Werewolf ..Long Tooth Pack [Rating+18]

Sister to & as well as a few others. Full blooded Were. Longtooth Pack member. (TB RP 18+)
Reese White 
Real name Ronald, but I don't play dat'.. WereWolf. Ain't that a bitch...New to the Longtooth Pack..